Rock band Metallica have admitted that they are bad at playing Guitar Hero, despite the fact that one of their albums is set to released for the game

According to NME magazine, the group's latest offering DEATH MAGNETIC will be the first album to be released simultaneously in normal formats and the popular computer game when it goes on sale on Friday September 12th.

However, the band members may not be rushing to have a go on the game themselves, with bassist ROB TRUJILLO telling the Metro: "We're all bad.

"It's a different animal playing that game."

Meanwhile, METALLICA's new album was leaked on the internet last week, but the band were happy that fans could hear their work earlier than planned.

The BBC quotes Lars Ulrich as telling radio station Live 105: "If this thing leaks all over the world today or tomorrow, Happy Days."

He added that having tracks leaked is part of the music business in 2008.

09/09/2008 14:30:04