Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has ditched checking into hotels with rude names in his native Danish tongue - after an American woman understood his naughty moniker.

The NOTHING ELSE MATTERS rocker used to be indiscreet about what he said and wrote in Danish, as he'd never expected to be in the midst of anyone who understood the language.

He says, "The great thing about having a mother tongue spoken by only five million people is that the chance is slim you'll be next to someone who understands it when you unleash words associated with female genitalia.

"But it backfires. One time, my hotel name was MR FISSE, which is Danish for 'c***'. We were in Omaha, Nebraska, or someplace like that, checking into the hotel in the early hours after the show, when this charming girl at a reception said, 'Here you are Mr Fisse,' and then proceeded to talk to me in perfect Danish."

14/05/2003 09:28