Metallica frontman James Hetfield has angered hikers in California by announcing plans to fence off a famous trail.
The Enter Sandman rocker has erected a temporary metal fence on his Terra Linda property, situated north of San Francisco, California, to protect his land from intruders.
Hetfield bought the land in 1999 but has yet to build anything on it, but a barbed wire fence around the property cuts off access to a nearby track, used by hikers and horse riders.
A spokesman for the contracting company which erected the fence insists the rocker had no choice after a spate of vandalism: "It is private property... If people were cool, this would not be an issue."
Hetfield's property was previously owned by a family that allowed the public free access to the trail.
One local equestrian, Connie Berto, tells the Marin Independent Journal newspaper, "This is an outrage. It's a real slap in the face to all the communities who use it."
Local officials are hoping they can make some sort of alternate arrangement with Hetfield.