Metallica} star James Hetfield has added weight to a proposed world tour with Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth by insisting the 'Big Four' show is a good idea.
Bandmates Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo have already dismissed reports the supertour of thrash metal's godfathers is something that is being planned, with the bass player stating "a lot of egos" would get in the way of the project.
But Slayer star Kerry King has revealed negotiations have begun and Hetfield thinks the dream tour is possible, despite logistical and personality issues.
He tells, "I think it was certainly spurred on by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (induction ceremony) and getting all these great, nostalgic feelings.
"(We thought) 'Hey, you know what? We should celebrate the Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland) thrash scene. Why don't we make a reunion of that or something?' And it basically morphed into, you know, the Big Four doing a gig together, and how cool that would be. (It) pretty much went as far as that.
"We kind of talked a little bit about it, went back and forth. No one really looked into it. But then the rumour got out and it's one of those things like, 'Well, is it true?' It's one of those awkward positions that you're in - you have a good idea, and you haven't followed through with it quite yet. But I think it would be a great celebration of the past and where we are now in our lives. I think it would be great."
In a recent radio interview, drummer Ulrich insisted the Big Four idea would be "a super-fun thing to do," adding, "It's not something that's like hush-hush, being worked on behind the scenes or anything like that."