Metallica star James Hetfield insists he'll invite anyone who has ever played on one of the group's albums to join them at the Rock + Hall of Fame induction ceremony if the rockers get the nod in 2009.
The frontman has already agreed to end his feud with former bandmate Jason Newsted if the eligible heavy rock act get inducted next year - because he doesn't want the magical moment to become a farce, like it has in the past.
Hetfield admits he cringed when Blondie were inducted in 2006 and feuding bandmates bickered onstage.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "There's no reason for it to be weird. We don't want to be part of the soap opera of the Hall of Fame.
"Everybody wants to see a train wreck, like with Blondie onstage arguing over crap. That really cheapens the moment."