Metallica star Kirk Hammett lost the Porsche he treated himself to when he first became rich in a bet over record sales.
The rocker admits he had no idea of fiscal responsibility when he first struck it rich as a celebrity and thought nothing of offering the keys to his beloved sportscar to a pal.
He says, "It was more of a gentleman's wager. I told our tour manager on the Black Album, 'If it sells over 10 million copies, I will give you my Porsche.' He called me up when it sold 10 million and one."
Hammett reluctantly handed over the keys to the car, which the tour manager took over ownership of until a year ago.
The Metallica star reveals, "He put it on eBay. He was having health problems. He called: 'Is it OK if I sell it?' I said, 'Hey bro, I gave it to you. You can do whatever you want with it'."