GLASVEGAS are set to slug it out with rock titans Metallica this weekend for the number one spot on the albums chart.

The Scottish band were expected to reach number one this week, but it has been suggested that METALLICA released their album early to thwart them, reports BBC 6 Music.

GLAVEGAS guitarist Rab remains unconcerned, however, saying: "We don’t actually care and I mean that genuinely because we’ve shifted a lot of units - more so than what you would normally need to sell to go to number one.

"And there's nothing you can do. If it goes to number two we'll be happy. If it goes to number 1 we’ll be happy."

"Everyone is trying to make it into this big Oasis versus Blur thing and it’s really funny because I don’t we don't care where we go genuinely.”

He added that he is going to back METALLICA at the bookies, as that way "I get money for that or I go to number one."

16/09/2008 11:20:34