Rock gods Metallica have axed their tour of South America - after becoming exhausted and suffering physical injury.

The NOTHING ELSE MATTERS rockers had been due to start the current leg of the tour on Saturday (25OCT03) but have promised to reschedule the gigs.

Drummer Lars Ulrich has been ordered to rest his shoulder after another flare up of the reoccurring injury he picked up on their 1991 -1993 Black Album tour.

Lars laments, "Nothing, and I mean nothing, disappoints us more than not being able to follow through on our commitments. In order for us to play 'the Metallica way', we have to be at our absolute best. If not, we are not giving our fans what they expect from us and what we demand from ourselves."

Frontman James Hetfield adds, "Between reconnecting recording, and touring ST ANGER, we've been going non-stop for the last eighteen months, and, simply put, we are fried both in body and in mind."

Guitarist KIRK HAMMETT says, "This is the first time in our 22-year history that Metallica have cancelled a tour, and we are beyond disappointed."

27/10/2003 14:35