Police in Bogata, Colombia are going to extreme measures to prevent a repeat of the trouble which marred Metallica's concert in Chile in January (10) - more than 1,500 officials will patrol the streets around Simon Bolivar Park before Wednesday night's (10Mar10) show.
According to local reports, members of the nation's military will also be on hand to thwart potential riots.
More than 120 rock fans were arrested in Santiago, Chile after clashing with police following Metallica's show at Club Hirico on 26.
Water cannons were used to disperse the angry crowd.
The streets surrounding Simon Bolivar Park have been closed and no one under the age of 14, pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed near the site of the concert.
Website Blabbermouth.net reports Metallica arrived in the Colombian capital with 70 tons of speakers, lights and screens.