Producers of Meryl Streep's latest film have reportedly ordered a few changes to be made - because her hair style and mannerisms were considered too similar to those of former first lady Hillary Clinton.

Democratic supporters at Paramount are allegedly uneasy over the similarities between Streep's performance of an American Senator who's part of a murder conspiracy in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - and have requested for the likeness to be toned down.

A source says, "Meryl is brilliantly scary and evil. She has Hillary's hand gestures totally down to a pat.

"You feel you're watching Hillary conspire to take over the world. The Hillary-haters should eat this up."

However Paramount comment, "We're thrilled with both the movie and Meryl Streep and it's patently untrue that we're re-editing her performance."

24/06/2004 09:16