Meryl Streep won't be following new pal Lindsay Lohan's example and breaking into the pop charts anytime soon after a recent performance at the Hollywood Bowl left her a nervous wreck. Streep shows off her singing skills in new movie A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, but insists she can only perform as her character in the film, YOLANDA JOHNSON. And a performance of songs from the GARRISON KEILOR film at Los Angeles' fabled music mecca last weekend (03JUN06) made her realise she hasn't got what it takes to carry a tune as herself. She says, "I have a real clear view of my ability, the size and shape and relative depth of my ability to be a singer. I have too much respect for the great singers to imagine that I could have an album. "I could sing as the character. The other day I had to sing as myself and I just didn't know how to do it. I got nervous. I wasn't Yolanda, I was Meryl Streep and it was not like the movie. "This was the Hollywood Bowl, 14,000 people and I wish they'd told me that when I said 'Yes'. It was terrifying." Actress Lily Tomlin, who plays Streep's singing sister RHONDA in the film, was so nervous about singing, she took voice lessons.