Meryl Streep has compared herself to Hollywood superstar Will Smith - because the success of hit movie MAMMA MIA! is reminiscent of the actor's achievements. The Abba-themed musical was a box office smash around the globe last year (08), with estimated takings of $573 million (£406 million) worldwide.
And Streep has likened the popularity the film has garnered to that of Smith's blockbusters, such as 1997's Men in Black and I Am Legend in 2007.
She says, "I'm like Will Smith now! Mamma Mia!... It changed everything. Now the studio bosses say, 'Let's put this movie in the Mamma Mia! summer slot, like that's my slot, as if I were Will Smith or something.
"I'm pleased to say my family and my friends and other actors don't see me any differently, but in Hollywood it's just incredible how the perception of me has changed."