Meryl Streep has blasted late director Sydney Pollack for unleashing a lion on her while shooting Oscar-winning film Out of Africa - following years of denials from the filmmaker.
Streep was assured the beast would be tethered while she fought it off with a whip, during one of the 1985 movie's most infamous scenes.
Decades later the actress admits she's still stunned her life was put in jeopardy, after Pollack devised a dangerous way to get the shot he wanted.
She says, "It was the last day of shooting. They imported all the lions from California; they were kind of (lazy). They weren't charging me in the right way... this lion was sitting there (yawning) and she had a leash on. She was supossed to charge me with the camera covering her side with her leash. And she just wouldn't do it. So the last take, Sydney told them to take the leash off because it was a wrap the next day - so if they got the shot, they got the shot. No (they didn't tell me). So I whipped and she kept coming at me. Sydney says that didn't happen, but it did happen."