Controversial director MICHAEL MOORE says big names like Meryl Streep and MARTIN SCORSESE supported his outburst at the 2003 Academy Awards.

The FAHRENHEIT 9/11 film-maker took to the stage at the glitzy ceremony to accept the award for his acclaimed movie Bowling For Columbine, and proceeded to call shame on President George W Bush's war on Iraq.

But, while the media insisted many were infuriated by Moore's speech, the documentary maestro insists he was sent letters of support by many Hollywood 'A' listers - including Jeff Bridges and Jonathan Demme.

Moore says, "Some complained about it on TV - JAMES WOODS and others, just horrible, disgusting people.

"I was glad they didn't like it.

"I got incredible notes, phone calls, e-mails and letters from Jonathan Demme, Jeff Bridges, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep - I could go down a whole list, but I don't know if I should out them.

"Then, when everyone was saying that any person who criticized America at a time of war would be shunned and boycotted and ignored and vilified, the sales of my books and movies went through the roof."

03/06/2004 13:48