Meryl Streep is the bookies favourite to snag the 'Best Actress' gong at this year's Golden Globes. Meryl Streep is nominated for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in 'The Iron Lady'.
According to The Mirror, Streep's odds are at 1-3 with Hills bookmakers for portraying Thatcher's time in power as Prime Minister. Streep's main rival for the award is Viola Davis for her performance in 'The Help', who is as 9-4 to win the coveted prize. In order to prepare for the role Streep had watched videos of Thatcher, spoke to the former PM's colleagues, and had laid waste to Liverpool. The results will be announced at the Golden Globes tomorrow night (15 Jan 2012), which will be hosted by controversial figure Ricky Gervais.
In other news, Meryl Streep appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' where she was asked to look at photos of lips she had kissed and guess which fellow celebrity they belong to. When a man's lips appeared, Streep stated: 'I have no idea . . . is that George Clooney? I never kissed him' with DeGeneres stating 'maybe you have' before revealing that the lips belonged to Alec Baldwin. She couldn't guess either of the two female lips that were presented to her and when Ellen asked, 'How many women have you kissed?', Meryl amusingly replied, 'I can't remember how many women'.
Meryl Streep will appear alongside Steve Carrell in the comedy-drama 'Great Hope Springs' later this year.