Meryl Streep tapped into her memories of life as an outcast at an all-men's college to portray former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
The Devil Wears Prada star received her Bachelor of Arts degree in drama from New York's Vassar College back in 1971.
However, to broaden her university education she spent a semester at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire as an exchange student, because the school was not accepting full-time female undergraduates.
Streep now confesses she relied on those feelings of isolation to build Thatcher's character for The Iron Lady since at the time of her reign, the realm of politics was largely male-dominated.
She tells the Associated Press, "As an outsider, I felt something of what she might have felt... There were 60 of us (female students) and 6,000 men, and I had a little flashback to that moment. And so a little bit of my emotional work was done for me."