When she won her Best Actress Award at last night's Golden Globes, Meryl Streep surprised TV viewers and those present at the ceremony by swearing onstage. A story from The Daily mail today explains that the Iron Lady actress forgot to take her reading glasses onstage with her, so was left unable to read her speech. George Clooney apparently tried to pass her glasses up onto the stage for her but they did not reach her, so she was forced to ad-lib.

When she realised her mistake, Streep reportedly said "Ooooh s*** oh my glasses, I forgot my glasses, now I have to remember my speech." In her speech, she thanked the people of England for letting her "come and trample all over their history." She also thanked Harvey Weinstein, referring to him as 'God'. When Madonna collected her 'Best Song' award, she also thanked Weinstein, calling him The Punisher. Meryl Streep made reference to this by saying "'The Punisher.' Old Testament, I guess." Weinstein was seen "shaking his head with his hands covering his face and laughing."

Ricky Gervais also let out a few expletives during his presentation speeches. He caused the NBC network to use their 7-second delay to edit out his 'F-bomb' when he said he couldn't " f*cking understand" what Antonio Banderas had been saying to him backstage.