Meryl Streep recommended an exorcist to Steven Spielberg.

The 68-year-old actress lent her voice to the Blue Fairy in the director's 2001 movie 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence' but when they met to discuss the role, they mainly ended up talking about the filmmaker's haunted home.

Meryl revealed: ''When I worked on 'A.I.', I went and recorded the voice of the fairy at his place in Long Island.

''All we did was talk about how his house was haunted and did I know a ghostbuster. And, of course, I do. So I sent him an exorcist.''

And Meryl's ghost-removing expert was thankfully able to help the director.

She added: ''Everything is clear down there now.''

Meryl's latest movie, 'The Post', is her first time in front of the camera for Spielberg and the Oscar-winning actress admitted she was ''completely unprepared'' for his approach to filmmaking, including a lack of rehearsal process.

She told Empire magazine: ''In my mind, he had a settled grandeur - a filmmaker who was so important, had this incredible CV and always talks about this well-oiled machine.

''So I was completely unprepared for how improvisatory his work is, how it is created in the moment.

''Someone was going like this [tapping] with a pencil. We'd done one take and he decided, 'That's going to be the percussive energy of the scene. Everything is going to rev to that.'

''I thought, 'How?' And the whole thing changed. It was exciting to work with him.''

And the actress' own clumsiness even worked her way into a scene.

She explained: ''It was a mistake [but] I bumped into a chair and he said, 'Do it again'. Then it gets hard.''