Josh O'Connor almost turned down starring alongside Meryl Streep because he wanted to go to Glastonbury Festival.

The 27-year-old actor starred alongside the multi-Academy Award winning actress in the 2016 drama-comedy 'Florence Foster Jenkins', but revealed he nearly turned down the role because of his desire to party at the iconic British music festival.

Speaking on 'Lorraine' on Thursday (15.03.18), O'Connor said: ''My agent called the week before and all my friends - I had never been to Glastonbury before - and they were like, 'You have to try Glastonbury'.

''So I planned it for ages, and then I got this call saying, 'There's this film with Stephen Frears' - who I had worked with before - and, 'They want you to do a day on it'.

''And I said, 'Well I can't, I'm going to Glastonbury, and that's the most important thing'. And then they said, 'Oh Meryl Streep is in it'

''So I thought, 'I probably should do it'. So I kind of cut it short and went and did a day.

''I'm barely in the film. But it's hilarious.

''She was lovely and Hugh Grant is kind of an idol of mine. It was definitely worth it.''

O'Connor was recently nominated for the BAFTA EE Rising Star Award for his portrayal as Johnny Saxby in the LGBT+ movie 'God's Own Country' helmed by Francis Lee.

And the actor spent several weeks working on a farm as research for his role as the openly gay farmer and immersed himself in the experience as much as he could.

He told heat magazine in February: ''It was part of wanting the whole thing to be authentic.

''I worked with a guy called John for three weeks before filming and during the shoot.

''I'd be doing a scene, they'd yell cut and then John would come and get me and I'd help deliver a lamb.

''So I wasn't in a trailer with my feet up, I was going to the farm and sticking my hand up a cow's a**e.''