Meryl Streep wasn't kidding when she said she wasn't expecting to win an Oscar on Sunday night (February 26, 2012). A behind the scenes report from the Huffington Post reveals that the Iron Lady actress had to 'take a minute' to compose herself before she walked onstage to accept the award. She reportedly said "I can't believe it," as she stopped in the wings. The presenter Colin Firth then said to the veteran actress "Want to take a minute? Let's take a minute," to which she replied "This is just insane."
The behind the scenes report from Huffington Post also reveals that George Clooney arrived to an enormous cheer form those sat in the bleacher seating, outside the Kodak Theatre. The Descendants actor, who was nominated for Best Actor (but lost out to Jean Dujardin) arrived to cheers of "George, George, George!" as he bobbed his head along with the chant. His co-star Matthew Lillard was slightly less serene, choosing to play air-guitar on the red carpet and fake a strip-tease. Seeking approval from the gathered throng, Viola Davis reportedly asked the crowd what they thought of her new short-cropped hair. She was met with cheers of validation.
Not content with stealing the show with her right-leg-revealing antics, Angelina Jolie also took the "award for the last celebrity to take his or her seat before showtime," or rather, she shared the award with her partner BRAD PITT.