Mercury Music Prize winners Franz Ferdinand have banned groupies from their aftershow parties - because they deem sex with fans "a form of abuse".

The Scottish TAKE ME OUT rockers - who scooped the coveted honour at a ceremony in London on Tuesday (07SEP04) night - are disgusted at bands who "manipulate" girls into bed, knowing the impressionable fans are only consenting to sex because they're starstruck.

Singer ALEX KAPRANOS says, "We are really not into the whole sex thing with groupies. For starters we've all got girlfriends. We're all quite romantic guys and prefer real love rather than spending some time with someone we've never met before.

"There are a lot of girls out there who get very starstruck and you see this horrible, cold manipulation going on. A lot of guys in bands completely take the p*** out of young girls who are completely starstruck.

"I see it as a form of abuse that I find absolutely repellent."

09/09/2004 02:44