The albums nominated for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize have shown the biggest post-ceremony sales increases in the event's history, it has been confirmed.

According to HMV, sales of the 12 albums up for the prestigious prize have risen by 479 per cent in the last week, with winning album The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow, enjoying a 688 per cent increase in sales.

While the sales of albums such as Untrue by Burial and Knee Deep in the North Sea have enjoyed the biggest percentage rises -with 1,004 and 754 per cent increases, respectively - both artists had shipped a small amount of units prior to the award ceremony.

However, Elbow have achieved the most additional sales of the dozen nominees, with The Seldom Seen Kid climbing from 61 to seven in the UK album chart.

"Following Elbow's popular Nationwide Mercury win, The Seldom Seen Kid is currently selling nearly seven times as many copies at HMV as it was before last week's ceremony," said the retailers' spokesman Gennaro Castaldo.

"That's a pretty substantial rise in such a short time, and with more sales to come over the next few weeks, the band look set to be one of the biggest ever beneficiaries of winning a Nationwide Mercury Prize when measured in commercial terms.

"A lot of music fans will be aware of the band and their music, but may not have bought one of their albums before. This award is, clearly, providing the spark for thousands of impulse buys all around the country, and we're also seeing a pick up in sales of their previous releases as well."

He added: "If the main purpose of the Nationwide Mercury Prize is to shine a light on music that deserves to be listened to by a wider audience, then Elbow are certainly making a lot of new fans right now, while our sales suggest that many of the other shortlisted artists are also connecting with the mainstream."

The 12 nominated album ranked by percentage sales rise are:

1 Burial: Untrue - 1,004 per cent
2 Portico Quartet: Knee Deep In The North Sea - 754%)
3 Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid - 688 per cent
4 Last Shadow Puppets: The Age Of Understatement - 626 per cent
5 Neon Neon: Stainless Style - 435 per cent
6 Laura Marling: Alas, I Cannot Swim - 431 per cent
7 Rachel Unthank and the Winterset: Bairns - 373 per cent
8 Radiohead: In Rainbows - 369 per cent
9 British Sea Power: Do You Like Rock Music - 286 per cent
10 Adele: 19 - 266 per cent
11 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Raising Sand - 263 per cent
12 Estelle: Shine - 119 per cent

Average rise in sales is 479 per cent.

17/09/2008 00:02:01