Mercedes McCambridge, the possessed voice of Linda Blair in The Exorcist, has died, aged 87.

The actress, who won a Best Supporting Actress OSCAR for her role in the 1949 movie All the King's Men, died from natural causes on 2 March (04), according to her family.

McCambridge ended her days at an assisted living facility near San Diego, California.

As well as providing The Exorcist's devilishly raspy voice, the actress also made headlines for her long feud with JOHNNY GUITAR co-star Joan Crawford, who McCambridge called "a tipsy, powerful, rotten-egg lady," in her memoirs.

She was also ACADEMY AWARD nominated for GIANT and made her mark in films like A TOUCH OF EVIL and CIMARRON.

McCambridge battled through her life with sporadic alcohol problems, two failed marriages and series of tragedies, which included the killing spree and suicide of her only son JOHN FITFIELD in 1987.

19/03/2004 02:40