Of the 30-plus members of the ever-changing Puerto Rican supergroup, 13 will hit the stage as part of the upcoming Menudomania Forever Tour.

They will include original member Ray Reyes, actor Jonathan Montenegro, and Rawy Torres, who is now a pastor.

Seven of the 13 regrouped for a Billboard roundtable earlier this week (ends01Apr16), and admitted they all feel like kids again as they prepare to hit the road in their 40s.

"We act like kids and we have a blast," Charlie Masso said, "and we look at the fans and we see them as kids as well."

"That's the magic of the show," bandmate Rene Farrait added. "Being able to be 13, 14, 15 again? That's priceless. Feeling what you felt at 14, that's priceless."

The group had its ups and downs, but Torres admits there was a special show in El Salvador that turned his life around - when 20,000 people packed into a stadium during the country's civil war: "For two hours, everyone stopped fighting," he said.