Former smoker Mena Suvari is now so anti-tobacco she has agreed to front a new campaigned aimed at urging young women to quit.

The AMERICAN BEAUTY star has signed up as a spokeswoman for anti-smoking charity Circle Of Friends, which offers help to those desperately trying to turn their backs on cigarettes.

Suvari admits she started smoking when she was a teenager, but she was able to kick the habit with the help of family and friends - and then the loss of a relative to a smoking-related illness prompted her to be more active.

She says, "One of the things you learn being in the public eye is that you have the ability to raise awareness about serious issues, and, in the process, really help people.

"I've chosen to get the word out to women, especially young women, that tobacco is not glamorous - it's addictive and smoking takes a serious toll on your health."