Mena Suvari says all her exes end up hating her.

The 'American Reunion' star - who split from her second husband, concert promoter Simone Sestito, in January - admits she isn't on good terms with her former lovers and has never rekindled a relationship.

Mena - whose character Heather in the comedy movie falls in love again with her first boyfriend Oz (Chris Klein) - said: ''I've never run into an ex who I have fallen back in love with. They all end up hating me. I just keep moving on. I don't like going back, I think that's unhealthy.''

Since ending her marriage to Simone, the 33-year-old actress - whose five-year union to first husband cinematographer Robert Brinkmann ended in 2005 - is content to be single for the moment.

Mena says any new man in her life will have to support her in everything she does.

In an interview with LOOK magazine, she said: ''I'm very happy (being single). I mean, I definitely accept my path and what's important to me is staying true to myself and who I am, and being happy.

''I feel I've got to a place in my life where I'm happy - I'm the main focus and that feels good. If a new guy was to happen he'd have to compliment me, instead of taking away from me.''