X-Men star Hugh Jackman showed up tired on the set of upcoming movie THE TOURIST earlier this month (OCT06), after his Australian friends refused to leave his birthday party until all the alcohol had been consumed. Jackman turned 38 on 12 October and threw a party to celebrate. But the Aussie actor, who is also a producer on the new film, admits he was exhausted the following day. He says, "I ordered in enough booze for all 60 guests. The 45 Americans said they didn't drink, but the 15 Aussies said, 'Don't worry, we'll polish it all off.' "The Americans left at 11pm and the Aussies were still there at 5am. They think it's rude to leave before the sun comes up. "I was flicking light switches on and off telling them, 'Get out of here now,' and they were saying, 'You're all right, mate. It's your birthday. Celebrate!'"