Men In Black actor Rip Torn has been charged with drunk driving after he crashed into the rear of a New York taxicab in the early hours of Tuesday morning (12JAN04).

According to a police report posted on the SMOKING GUN website, the 72-year-old veteran star was "incoherent" when approached by a police officer following the 12.40am crash in Greenwich Village, and was found to have "watery and bloodshot eyes, had slurred speech, had the odour of alcohol on his breath, was unsteady on his feet and had a flushed face."

Torn - real name ELMORE RUAL TORN - also reportedly answered the officer's questions by repeatedly saying, "What. Huh."

He will now have to appear before MANHATTAN CRIMINAL COURT on 18 March (04) after being charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated and Operating a Motor Vehicle while Impaired.

16/01/2004 19:33