A body double who starred in a nude scene for Memoirs Of A Geisha star Ziyi Zhang has demanded her name appear in the credits. The actress, SHAO XIAOSHAN, revealed in her internet blog that she was paid $2,448 (GBP1,360) to feature in Zhang's latest movie THE BANQUET, which will be released in China later this year (06). The blog, which was reprinted in the Chinese press, details how director FANG XIAOGANG is refusing to answer her calls despite being "very satisfied" with her body. She said, "I just want everyone to know Zhang's back is mine." However, the film's producers are reportedly confused by the actress's grievances as the film has not even been released. WANG ZHONGJUN of Huayi and Taihe Movie Investment Company said, "The film has not been shown to the public. How can Shao know her name is not included in the credits."