Melissa McCarthy's kids have put her weight issues into context as their welfare is more important than their mother's image.
The Bridesmaids star was often told she would never make it in Hollywood unless she lost weight, and she admits some of the cutting remarks from agents and potential managers made her think seriously about slimming.
However, she then started winning TV and movie roles and any interest she had in becoming a weight loss champion disappeared when she fell pregnant.
She tells TV chat show host Amanda DeCadenet, "I got jobs (during) both pregnancies. I waddled in (to auditions) like a Weeble and was just so pregnant and I was like, 'Great, it if happens, whatever!'
"I think there's so many weird issues that you have as a woman and we're all just kind of nuts about how we're supposed to look, and something happened after kids... There's only so much stuff you can worry about. You wish certain things were different but... people are healthy, we have a good family, I'm nuts about my husband.
"At some point I'm gonna be better at my elliptical (bike machine) but it gets further down (my priority list)."
MCCarthy has two daughters, Vivian and Georgette, with her actor husband Ben Falcone.