Melissa McCarthy hopes her online trolls can find happiness.

The 47-year-old actress has been the subject of cruel comments posted on social media, but she refuses to get upset by the remarks and just ''roots'' for the anonymous bullies to find someone to enrich their lives instead.

She said: ''Weirdly, instead of getting mad at them, I always feel like, 'Oh, I hope you meet someone soon that you can talk to, someone that really makes you laugh.'

''I just root for that person to find a little joy.''

The 'Life of the Party' actress insists there is no point in sitting around feeling upset by any of the comments and just reassures herself that people who are unpleasant online are the exception rather than the norm.

She told People magazine: ''I'm never going to change things by sitting in my living room bawling. That's not going to fix or help anything.

''This has been a tough chunk of history for women. But at one point I just said, 'I'm not going to wallow in this anymore.' It's not my reality--the men I know wouldn't act like this. So I look to the men I know, who have made my life better, and I just keep remembering that they're the norm.''

And Melissa tries to pass on her positive outlook to her and husband Ben Falcone's two daughters, Vivian, 11, and eight-year-old Georgette.

She said: ''It's the same thing I tell my girls, 'If somebody is being mean, they're probably really not happy.

''If you're having a great day, you don't walk past someone and yell, 'Freak!' If you're happy, you say, 'I love your skirt!' ''