Melissa McCarthy will wear ''turbans and big wacky glasses'' when she turns 70.

The 47-year-old actress is looking forward to getting older because she'll be a ''crazy'' old-age pensioner and can't wait to make the ''world a happier place'' with her fashion choices.

Speaking in AARP The Magazine's April/May Issue, she said: ''I hope a crazy one. I always say, 'Once I hit 70, it's going to be all caftans and turbans and big wacky glasses.' I'm more than halfway there. I see these years ahead as a time to say, 'What does it matter? You want to wear daisy prints? Who cares!' Getting older means knowing yourself, and if you know yourself, express it. That ripples out. It makes the world a happier place. When you're in line for coffee and the older lady in front of you has a daisy-print blouse and a smile on her face and something to say about the world, you feel the magic of it.''

Although she's still yet to turn 50, Melissa - who dropped out of college and went to New York with $45 in a bid to become an actress - has had a highly successful career over the years, but she's convinced she would have quit if her mother hadn't been so supportive.

Her mum Sandy explained: ''We just said, 'If she doesn't want to go to college, OK. Let's let her give this new thing a try.''

Melissa added: ''Which is kind of terrible parental advice but also the greatest thing I could have possibly asked for... A normal parent might have said, 'You're insane.' Instead, this maniac kept saying, 'OK, good luck. Let me know what play you're doing.' I was, like, 'My mother's crazy!' I don't know how you did it, mom. I would have said, 'This is silly. You're not going to become an actor...' The fact that you didn't give me guilt changed the course of my life. Because if I'd been guilted out, I definitely would have quit.''