Melissa McCarthy wants to see ''repercussions'' for those who have been accused of sexual harassment.

The 47-year-old actress has praised the #MeToo and Time's Up movements for ''changing the conversation'' surrounding sexual harassment in Hollywood, but has said that action must be taken to ensure that those who have been accused of misconduct - such as Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Brett Ratner, and Louis C.K. - are properly investigated.

She said: ''We can't confuse discussing things with actual, concrete change. Changing the conversation is a good way to start to change the actual climate. Now, what are the repercussions? If people do the wrong thing, we have to make sure there's real repercussions for it.''

The 'Life of the Party' actress also insists that it's important for young women to grow up knowing that it's okay to be different.

When asked what she'd tell her 10-year-old self, she said: ''Don't worry about what other people think. I would really love to say, 'You don't all have to be the same. If you like something or want to do something different, go do it.' To be able to really tell your 10-year-old self and have them really get it would be rather amazing.''

And as she can't go back to speak to her younger self, Melissa is trying to instil the outlook on her two daughters Vivian, 10, and Georgette, seven - whom she has with her husband Ben Falcone.

Speaking to InStyle, she said: ''I try to show it to them, and I fail a million times a day. A big thing is, when I do fail, which as parents we all do, I try to always fess up to it right away.

''I think that's a biggie for young kids to see that you can say, 'Oh, I really did that terrible - I didn't handle that well. I'm sorry.' And to know that you can own up to not being perfect, like, 'OK, I'm gonna try again, and maybe I'll do a little better next time.' We see so many things that are so cleaned up and polished that I want them to know there's many drafts and editing and Photoshopping that go into it.''