Melissa McCarthy insists her family is ''really boring''.

The 'Spy' actress has daughters Georgette, five, and Vivian, eight, with her comedian husband Ben Falcone, but despite her glamorous job claims they live mundane lives because they try to stay out of the spotlight for the sake of the youngsters.

She explained: ''We've found a school that's not very LA. It's not all actors; it's every job. It feels like a normal, small-town school. We're really boring. We try to make out daughters' worlds as small as possible - so that they don't have any awareness of LA, and the business ... It's not a big part of our lives, and it's not part of theirs.''

The 44-year-old comedian continued to explain she wants to shield her daughters from the world of showbusiness because it is very ''superficial'', but insists it isn't difficult because they have no interest in their parents' professions.

She told The Times magazine: ''I think there's something innately superficial about our business. That's the aspect I want to keep away from the girls until they're old enough to register what's real and what's not, and what matters and what doesn't.

''They're too little to know what's silly and that it doesn't matter what you do. I do a job where I repeat lines in front of a camera - that is in no way more interesting, and certainly not more important, than a dentist, or somebody who makes hats. And that's what they think. They don't think what we do is one bit interesting.''