Melissa McCarthy has intense game nights with her best pal Octavia Spencer.

The 43-year-old actress - who has 11-year-old Vivian and eight-year-old Georgette with her husband Ben Falcone - is close friends with the fellow Hollywood star, and has said that whilst she's a ''lovely'' person, she turns into the ''most competitive'' woman whenever she's invited to play card games with Melissa and her family.

Melissa said: ''She is the most competitive. We're not playing for money. It's literally me, my mom and my children playing like Uno or Rummy, there's no money involved.''

The 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' actress jokingly accused 46-year-old Octavia of ''smack talking'' her children, and said she's an ''intense'' person to play games with.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' on Monday (16.10.18), she added: ''She smack talks on a constant thing. My mother and my kids are there and she's like, 'play it! play it and mean it! you don't have it'! and she just goes and goes. She is intense to play with.''

Meanwhile, although her brood haven't been banned from game night with Octavia just yet, Melissa recently revealed she has stopped them from watching her move 'The Happytime Murderers' - in which she stars alongside a puppet cast - until they're 40.

The comedy-crime film is R-rated despite its cast of puppets, and Melissa insisted her daughters have zero chance of watching the adult themed movie.

She said: ''It's definitely a grown-up movie. My kids are like, 'We can't wait to see this!' And I'm like, 'I can't wait to show you, when you're 40! It will be so wonderful, when you're 110 and you can see this!'

''I think it's part of the fun of it. Somebody was saying that there's always that thing, when you watch something from The Muppets, one of the movies, or Sesame Street, that when the lights go off, somebody says cut, and they walk out the back door, you wonder if they go into the real world and have a life? This is really seeing behind the curtain. When the lights are off and they're not having to perform for people, you see the real grind of their lives, and there's something really cool about it.

''There's a weird, edgy coolness, and it's really funny.''