Melissa McCarthy wants to apologise to her mother for her potty mouth in her new movie.

The 42-year-old actress - who has kids Vivian, six and Georgette, three, with husband Ben Falcone - lets fly with a string of obscenities in her latest movie 'The Heat' but doesn't think her mother will be too impressed.

She said: ''I have to blame director Paul Feig. If I said three obscenities, the only thing I'd hear from Paul was, 'Go for one more'. I think our total was up to 190. I'm going to need to apologise to my mom.''

Ben also has a cameo in the movie as her former one-night stand and Melissa was thrilled to have him on set and have a good shouting match with him on screen.

She added to US Weekly magazine: ''It was wonderful, and not because I dissed him in the scene. Anytime I get a chance to work with him, it's a delight for me. He's really funny.''