Melissa McCarthy enjoys just sitting in her car with Ben Falcone.

The 'Tammy' star, who has been married to the actor for nine years, admits they rarely get to spend much time alone together because they are so busy with their careers and daughters, Vivian, seven, and Georgette, four.

The 44-year-old insists she isn't choosy about date nights, saying: ''If we can actually sit down and chat, it's nice. We stay in our driveway in a car and just talk.''

She joked to Us Weekly magazine: ''We'll take whatever we can get!''

The former 'Gilmore Girls' star's husband previously admitted he thought she was ''really scary'' when they first met in college.

Earlier this year, Ben told talk show host Chelsea Handler: ''She is a couple years older than me. She was in college in my hometown where I went to high school.

''She was this goth person. She had blue hair and she was really scary ... in a good way! Scary and pretty! I had long bangs and a couple of earrings and a Clockwork Orange shirt and Tevas. I had a whole situation... I was light-alt... The girls that I knew were also light-alt, and they would look at Melissa - we didn't know it was Melissa - but they would go, 'Man, I wish my mom would let me dress like that.' ''