Actress Melissa Joan Hart's dream honeymoon in Scotland turned into a nightmare when her romantic castle turned out to be a medieval wreck.

The SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH star wed rocker Mark Wilkerson in Italy last July (03), but their romantic dreams in Europe were anything but magical once the couple arrived at the Scottish castle they'd booked for their honeymoon.

The actress says, "We thought we were staying at this great castle in Scotland and we ended up staying at this crappy little place with no shower and one little window.

"It smelled like grandma's and you couldn't go downstairs without a suit, and he (Wilkerson) decided he wasn't bringing a suit after the wedding.

"It was too far to get anywhere. We had to take a cab into town. So we just wanted to get out of town, so we went to St Andrew's Bay and played golf.

"Seven holes into it, he (Wilkerson) decided he wasn't having a good time and he was done. The honeymoon really tested us but we seemed to bond together."

15/04/2004 09:22