Melissa Gilbert 's future on 'Dancing With The Stars' seems to be serious doubt after her professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy gave a lengthy account to reporters about his thoughts on the situation, reports Entertainment Weekly. "She's in pain. She's got a big headache," the dancer told reporters after the show. "I was a bit confused about the injury yesterday because she said that she hit the floor and I was like I was looking at you the entire time, and I was trying to carry her, you know, through some of the moments, and being kind of careful and gentle with her. She hit my knee. I honestly didn't feel it. I thought I slipped on her dress".
Continuing, Chmerkovskiy said "I think the doctor said that she had a minor concussion. I know that's very not pleasant. I wish she could take a couple of days off. And honestly, at this point, with Sherri Shepherd getting eliminated I'm not really sure if it's worth killing yourself and, you know, trying to put on a show when it is what it is". Gilbert was not part of Tuesday's results show, when fellow contestant Sherri Shepherd was given the boot despite a string of fairly competent performances.