In a story line fit for a movie, actress Melissa Gilbert has revealed that she has been suffering from a broken back whilst on tour with the musical 'Little House on the Prairie' for four months. After the tour finished the actress ,who had been feeling in a lot of pain during performances, visited a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles and was stunned by the diagnosis, she told "He came in and said, 'Your back is broken, and it has been for months.'
Looking on the bright side Gilbert commented "I thought doing a musical at 46, playing a woman in her late 20s, early 30s was amazing enough. But doing it with a broken back buys me a little more street cred.".
The EMMY AWARD nominated actress for her lead role in TV series 'The Miracle Worker' is believed to taking a short break before she undergoes surgery later this month to correct her injury.
MELISSA GILBERT was one of the original cast members of the prolific TV series 'Little House on the Prairie' where she played the role of Laura Ingalls daughter to Charles Ingles the loving patriarch (played by CHARLES LANDON) between 1974 and 1984.