Actress Melissa Gilbert refuses to seek a third term as president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) after four troubled years as the head of the union.

Gilbert, who played LAURA WILDER in hit 1974 television series LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, can no longer bear the tensions within the SAG, and claims the damaged relations between herself and fellow union officials can never be healed.

She says, "It is no great secret that there are problems within the leadership of SAG. There are rifts that may very well be irreparable.

"All of that aside, I still believe the Screen Actors Guild is the most powerful performers' union in the world. I want future leaders to know I will be watching them like a hawk."

A replacement for the position of union president is being discussed, but likely candidates include actress Morgan Fairchild, veteran screen star ROBERT CONRAD and La Law actor Alan Rosenberg.

22/07/2005 05:25