Melissa George hates plastic surgery.

The 'A Lonely Place to Die' star is not a fan of Hollywood's apparent obsession with cosmetic procedures and doesn't think people who go under The Knife look good.

She said: "The world has bad plastic surgery. It's called plastic surgery! Of course you're not going to look good. If someone needs surgery after accident, I'm a big supporter of that but I don't know why everyone wants to look like the Joker!"

Melissa, 35, insists she will never have plastic surgery but does keep up a rigorous beauty regime and has a chemical peel every two years.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "I do believe in maintenance, though. I wear sunscreen and I have a very strong chemical peel about once every two years. Nothing much else as my face is so full anyway - it's like a chubby little face."

One feature Melissa is particularly happy with is her voluptuous lips, although she once missed out on an audition because of her full pout.

She explained: My lips are huge! A producer once called my agent and said, 'I'd like to meet Melissa but the character doesn't have those big lips like Angelina Jolie so we'd really like to come in for a meeting and not use her lips!' I said, 'You can tell them I'm not coming in for the meeting!' You can get asked all sorts of ridiculous things in this business!"