Rocker Melissa Etheridge "ran away" from her new bride after their first kiss because she feared she was on the verge of ruining a lasting friendship.

The lesbian star asked best pal Linda Wallem to move in with her and help raise the singer/songwriter's four kids from previous relationships, and admits she had no idea the arrangement would become romantic.

But, while she and Wallem were getting the kids ready for school one morning, their lips locked and they realised they had fallen for each other in a big way.

Etheridge recalls, "We were like a married couple without the benefits, so why not have the benefits?

"(That first kiss) was beautiful, it was actually really sweet, (but) it was strange, because you're like, 'I don't know, I've looked at this person forever and yet there's something there'.

"We kissed and then I ran away. I came back that morning and said, 'Ok, I think I can do this. I just had to go and think about it'."

And the rocker insists her sex life has never been better, now she's with a woman she deeply cares for. She tells Access Hollywood Live, "There's a comfort... You know what you like. I'm not afraid anymore."

Etheridge and Nurse Jackie creator Wallem wed in California this summer (14).