Melissa Auf der Maur has dismissed rumours of a feud with her former Hole bandmate Courtney Love - she's "supporting" the singer's decision to resurrect the grunge group without her.
The former Hole bassist admits she was stunned when Love announced plans to bring the band back for a series of gigs this year (10), without including any other original members.
Auf Der Maur was rumoured to have fallen out with her former friend after she accused her of "jeopardising" a real Hole reunion.
But the rocker is adamant she's not angry with Love for going on tour without her - insisting she is supporting the singer's venture.
She says, "I do find it confusing, but the fact is that Courtney is an amazing performer who should be on stage and releasing records. I'm supportive of that and she's supportive of me. There has never been any issue between us.''