British Tv presenter and model Melanie Sykes has split from her husband just weeks after she was arrested and cautioned for alleged domestic assault, according to a U.K. report.

Sykes, who married 28-year-old Jack Cockings in May (13) following a whirlwind romance, has reportedly moved out of the marital home in London.

The news comes just weeks after the 43-year-old was cautioned for assaulting her husband last month (Nov13), and the couple has reportedly not seen each other since the incident, according to Britain's Daily Express newspaper.

A source says, "The age difference just became too much. It's not a case of Mel ending the marriage because Jack called the police but what happened was obviously an indication that things weren't right.

"It's hard to see how they are going to be able to make the marriage work. The pressure has been just too intense."