A man has been attacked by a tiger at an endangered big cats sanctuary founded by Melanie Griffith's mother Tippi Hedren. Caretaker Chris Orr was attacked by a four-year-old Bengal tiger named Alexander, who weighs almost 450 pounds (204 kilogrammes) at Shambala Preserve in California. Orr suffered multiple scratches and a bite to his neck, reports TMZ.com. Hedren is said to be devastated at the attack on Orr, who has worked at Shambala for 20 years. She tells the L.A. Times, "It's a terrible, terrible thing that has happened," before adding many of the animals at the preserve may have been abused before they came to the sanctuary: "Who knows what happened to this tiger? People have kept them in closets, basements. Two of them were kept in air-conditioning systems." Orr is expected to make a full recovery.