Melanie Griffith had better watch her back - Sharon Osbourne is eyeing her husband Antonio Banderas.

Sharon, married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne, went to see Banderas' new movie Once Upon A Time In Mexico on Tuesday night (16SEP03) and has now developed a huge crush on the Spanish hunk - which she chose to make public on her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW yesterday morning (17SEP03).

She told her audience, "Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp were just gorgeous! All these men walking around with these spurs on their heels and tight leather trousers.

"It was like all blood and guts and fighting and all I can say is that I would like to taste Antonio Banderas' chorizo!"

And referring to the WORKING GIRL actress's tattoo of Banderas' name on her arm, she added, "Melanie, you know that tattoo that you've got on your arm? It's just slid off and it's right here," before giving her buttocks a cheeky slap.

18/09/2003 14:05