Rosie Perez will be joined by a host of stars including Melanie Griffith, Jordana Brewster, Brooklyn Decker and Justin Long at the third annual 24 Hour Plays in Los Angeles, presented by Montblanc.

Other actors including Sasha Alexander, Skylar Astin, Jason Biggs , Lizzy Caplan, Seth Green, Molly Sims, Cobie Smulders and Jessica Szohr will take part in the performances at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on June 22, in which writers, directors and actors have 24 hours to put together the productions.

Aspiring actors Emanuel De Los Santos, 16 and Cedeshea Oliver, 17, have also been chosen to perform in one of the productions as part of a collaboration with the Urban Arts Partnership Artistic Board, of which Rosie is the chairperson.

Speaking at the announcement at the Montblanc Rodeo Drive Boutique in Los Angeles, Rosie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''There are so many challenges to this. Obviously the writers have to come up with something for everyone to perform. Then the directors and the actors have less than seven hours to put it all together. It's crazy, pure insanity and it doesn't ever get easier.

''But it's fun, all that exhilaration and anxiety, if you allow yourself to enjoy it. Some people don't and honestly it can be funny to see that panic in another actor's eyes. And it's funny for the audience to see these TV and movie actors go up on stage and fumble a bit here and there. It's a great night and it's for the kids. The proceeds benefit the Urban Arts Partnership which provides arts education in underserved public schools and that's what we remind everyone taking part about.''

President and CEO of Montblanc North America, Jan Patrick Schmitz, admitted convincing actors to take part wasn't always easy.

He explained: ''It becomes easier. We've been involved for 11 years, starting in New York and obviously it's complete exposure of the actor and they only have a short time to prepare. It's so different from a movie where actors can usually do another take.

''However, over the years as word of mouth spreads, we have had a lot of what we call 'repeat offenders', actors who have been involved before and love the chaos and the camaraderie. There's no experience like it.

''Also many of them relate to the work that Urban Arts does and want to be involved with helping these kids.''

Former participants of the 24 Hour Plays include Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Demi Moore, Chris Rock, Brooke Shields, Ashley Greene and Elijah Wood.

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