Melanie Griffith has returned to the stage for the first time since undergoing a stint in rehab, and she thanked her family for getting her through the problems that looked to derail the star's career. The actress first went to rehab way back in 1988, but has since had to return with the most recent being through 2010.
However she is now back to her best, and told the Los Angeles Times "My daughters really sat me down and said, 'Look Mom, this is what it is. You really need to get help.'" Continuing she said "I couldn't have done it without them. I really couldn't have. And I'm so grateful," she said. "I see now, I just didn't get it before. It doesn't mean that I'm stupid. It's just that that's what the disease is."
Griffith's last major stint in rehab was in 2009 and then in 2010, as she once again sought to eliminate alleged substance and alcohol abuse problems. She claimed in the interview that she's now over those issues, saying "It's exactly what I used to hear, when they would say, "It takes what it takes and you'll know when you know." What happened to me three years ago was the tipping point for me. It was when I finally went, oh, OK, I get it." The play 'No Way Around but Through' runs through July 8th.