Melanie Griffith has revealed Kris Jenner is trying to find her a new man.

The 59-year-old actress has been single for almost three years since she separated from her husband Antonio Banderas - whom she divorced in December 2015 - but her pal Kris has been setting her up on dates to bring some romance into her life.

In an interview with Porter Magazine, Melanie - who has been married three times, first to Don Johnson, then to Steven Bauer and then Antonio - said: ''She's [Kris'] been trying. I mean, it's weird.''

Melanie and the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' matriarch bonded after being introduced to each other by Kris' daughter Khloe Kardashian, who shares trainer Gunnar Peterson, with Melanie and realised they had lots in common.

The 'Working Girl' star recalled: ''We became best friends. She is so much fun, so smart, so normal and so loving. She is unbelievable, like when I had my back operation, she was there bringing me chopped salad. We went to Aspen together last week.''

And Kris, 61, is equally full of praise for Melanie, saying of her pal: ''We've both been divorced a couple of times, we've had a few kids and we've had situations in common - life changing ones. Like me, she looks at life with the glass half full. I'll be having a sh**ty day, the lowest of lows, and she'll come over, sit on my bed and be right there with me. She's got a heart of gold.''

Melanie has never been short of male admirers and as well as her three marriages she has also had romantic liaisons with Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Ryan O'Neal.

When probed her dalliances with the famous trio, Melanie said: ''I did have a little thing with those three back in the day. Yeah, they were awesome! All of them. Yeah, they were all men I have had. I am friends with all of them, pretty much. I'm sure there's a couple I've forgotten about.''

Melanie - who has three children; 'Fifty Shades' star Dakota Johnson, 27, Stella Banderas, 20, and 31-year-old Alexander Bauer - now claims she is shy around guys and is rarely asked out by guys she meets.

She explained: ''I'm shy with men now, very reticent. I haven't met anyone in the almost two years we have been divorced. No, I don't go on dates, nobody has asked me on a date. I go out with my girlfriends.''